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The Nights of Azure sequel is real, and now we know the first details about the game, thanks to Gematsu’s translation below. With gorgeous visuals and the same stunning art style from Gust, we can only hope that Nights of Azure 2 plays just as well as it looks. If you haven’t played Nights of Azure yet, why not take a look at our review of the first game and see what Leif had to say about it? We’re certainly hoping that Koei Tecmo US and Europe will pick this one up for localization.

Details from Gematsu’s translation are below, full credit goes to them.

■ Story

Can the inhuman save humanity?

The battle of the past between the Nightlord and the Saint left a major impact on the world. That is, a world that never sleeps, where “humans” are active during the hours the light shines, and demons known as fiends run rampant during the hours of darkness. Alushe, a knight of the Curia, is entrusted as a guard to escort the Saint Liliana, her former childhood friend.

After fighting the fiends that attacked them, the two finally arrive at the Curia, but there learn that Liliana is the chosen “Bride of Time” to be offered as a sacrifice to the “Queen of the Moon.” In her surprise, sorrow, and suffering, Alushe takes Liliana and heads for the Queen of the Moon’s castle. However, they’re suddenly attacked by a powerful demon, and Alushe, despite her best efforts, is killed.

When she awakens, Alushe has been resurrected by the Curia as an artificial half-demon. According to the Curia’s researchers, Liliana had already disappeared when they found her, and is said to likely be in the abandoned city. In order to recover the stolen Liliana, the resurrected Alushe heads for the abandoned city, taking along the demon power she does not desire within her.

■ Characters

Alushe Anatoria

The girl possessed with blue blood.

The protagonist and a knight of the Curia. During her escort of the Saint Liliana, she is attacked and killed by a demon. Afterwards, she is resurrected as a half-demon, which gives her the power to defeat demons, and fights to save Liliana. She has a straightforward personality and is the type to prefer actions over words. Alushe, Liliana, and the holy knight Ruhenheid are childhood friends who were always together, and she is delighted when she reunites with both of them.

Liliana Selphin

The kind and powerful Saint.

A thoughtful and kind-hearted girl. She is the sole Saint that serves the Curia, chosen as the “Bride of Time” to be sacrificed to the “Queen of the Moon.” While she has a kind personality and is friendly to anyone she meets, she is also strong at her core. She has the ability to slow down the time of a target, and in the past has used that power to help Alushe when she was attacked by fiends.

Ruhenheid Ariarod

A knight who shows her intentions with a sword.


Alushe and Liliana’s childhood friend. She wields the “Mind Sword Oz,” a sword in which her emotions become her blade. As her childhood friend, she knows Alushe quite well and has a favorable impression of her, but as a holy knight of the “Lourdes Order,” an organization that opposes the Curia, stands before Alushe in order to prevent Liliana from being offered as a sacrifice. Although she appears to be passionate and somewhat arrogant, with her own sense of justice, she is obedient at her core.

■ The Bonds of Childhood Friends


Alushe, who is perplexed over her second life; Liliana, who accepts her role as a sacrifice; and Ruhenheid, who battles against fate. These three once walked the same path as childhood friends, but were misled and separated by the Nightlord. When the three once again align their steps, their bonds will become a light to illuminate the darkness, and their story will before long near its truth.

■ Lily System

A “Lily” is a reliable, beautiful heroine that fights alongside Alushe. You can choose a Lily to fight against fiends alongside Alushe according to the situation. Doing so will deepen your bonds with the Lily, which will awaken new abilities and trigger bond-assuring events. Each available Lily changes the way you battle. Stay tuned, as numerous Lilys will be introduced from hereon.

—Liliana, whose existence is to be protected, can fight as a Lily. She can use her powers as a Saint to support Alushe in battle.


—Ruhenheid, who belongs to an organization that opposes the protagonist, can also fight as a Lily. Her emotion-transforming blade will prove beneficial against many types of enemy fiends.


■ First-Print Bonus and Premium Boxes

First-Print Bonus

First-print copies of Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will include a product code to download something for use in-game.

Premium Box (10,300 yen on PS4, 9,300 yen on PS Vita)

  • A product code to download an Alushe-exclusive costume
  • Nights of Azure 2 visual book
  • Nights of Azure 2 official soundtrack
  • Scented B3 poster
  • Special Alushe 3D card
  • Beautiful girl bromide set

Special Premium Box (16,300 yen on PS4, 15,300 yen on PS Vita)

  • Secret warm-feeling bath poster

  • Beautiful girl acrylic key chain set (three key chains)

  • Special A3 tapestry set (three tapestries)

  • A product code to download an Alushe-exclusive costume

  • Nights of Azure 2 visual book

  • Nights of Azure 2 official soundtrack

  • Scented B3 poster

  • Special Alushe 3D card

  • Beautiful girl bromide set

Screens and Art


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