Phoenix Festa

Play-Asia has posted a listing on their online store for Bandai Namco’s newest PlayStation Vita game The Asterisk War: Phoenix Festa.

Play-Asia details the game:

Asterick War fans! Exciting news~ The Asterisk War: The Academy City On The Water – One of the most popular Japanese light novels written by Yuu Miyazaki is now under the development for a PS Vita exclusive RPG by Bandai Namco Games! It is scheduled to be published on January 28 in Japan and this is the first time for this series to get a console game! With advanced battle system and HD visuals as well as massive amazing features tailored for PS Vita system, this time, fans can truly experience the whole epic storyline and write their own Asterisk War stories~

The most severe catastrophe in twentieth century attacks the earth. Follow Ayato Amagiri – the main protagonist who is a talented transfer student from Seidokan Academy with mysterious undiscovered power to work with his friends and defeat enemies together once and for all! Also known as “Gruene Rose”, Julis Alexia Von Riessfeld is another main character in this game; and this pink hair fabulous girl is Lieseltania’s first princess. Besides, Saya Sasamiya, Claudia Enfield, Kirin Toudou and other fan favorite animation characters will all be shown in this game!

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

The Asterisk War: Phoenix Festa is coming to the PlayStation Vita-via PSN on July 26 in North America, and PlayStation Vita physically on July 26 in Asia. You can pre-order the game from Play-Asia.

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