Rewrite+ trailer image

Rewrite+ trailer image

Developer VisualArt’s has announced that they will be re-releasing 2011 visual novel Rewrite as Rewrite+ this July, coinciding with the airing of the coming anime series based on the visual novel.

The announcement comes through a new video:

The re-release will feature new art and new effects, as well as improvements to the main scenario. It will also include the Harvest Festa! fan disc originally released in 2012, and will sell for 8,800 yen, approximately $81 USD. The game will also include a new promotional card for the Weiβ Schwarz trading card game, an original arrangement soundtrack CD, and a radio show.

Rewrite+ releases on PC in Japan on July 29, 2016. The official website for the re-release can be found here, albeit in Japanese. No word has been given on whether the game will be released in the west.

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