NIS America are localizing the visual novel Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness for the West in Autumn 2016, it has been leaked (via DualShockers).

The game will get a physical and digital release in both North America and Europe for PS4 and PS Vita and not for Xbox One, the platform it was originally released for last year. The game will have Japanese audio and localised texts.

There is also the possibility of a PC release as the Steam logo is present at the end of the trailer. Considering that NIS are releasing the first Disgaea on PC, this could be a sign that they are investing into the PC market more. However according to the press release provided by DualShockers, Steam is not listed.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is a visual novel adaptation of the popular anime Psycho-Pass, developed my Mages/5pb, who also have published the Science Adventure visual novel series in Japan by Nitroplus (including Steins;Gate).

Check out the trailer below, complete with PEGI rating.

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