In Summer 2015, JAST USA announced that they will be localizing a few games for PC. One of those titles was the Super Sonico game, Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico.

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Sonicomi is now up for preorder with a couple different versions. The limited edition of the game will come with an acrylic figure, Steam code and collectible cards. The collector’s edition will come packed with an acrylic figure, a full body mouse pad, Steam code and collectible cards.

In Sonicomi, players take the roll of Sonico’s cameraman, but you will also be able to spend time with Sonico and learn all about her personality and daily life. The player will be able to choose the location and outfits while playing the game in first person to take the best shots of Sonico and keep her happy.

You can preorder both versions over at J-List.

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