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Frontwing have announced on Prefundia that their Kickstarter campaign for the official release of Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (known as Wheel Country, Sunflower Girl in English) will be starting tomorrow, June 29th, at 6PM PDT.

Also announced are three new early bird tiers, including a new $80 “Fairy Tale Edition” tier, which comprises of a physical copy of the game, a soundtrack, an artbook, a thank you letter as well as access to Backerkit. There are a total of 300 “Early Bird” units for the three tiers, so early adopters need to move fast.

A new stretch goal was also revealed. If the campaign raises $200,000 adds the fandisc side story for one of the characters, Eri Nagumo. Likewise there will also be a collaboration promotion between Frontwing and Tokyo Otaku Mode at Anime Expo where the first 75 people who purchased goods from each both get some additional goods.

This is Frontwing’s fourth English project that they are localising themselves with their in-house localisation team. First, there was mini side-story The Leisure of Grisaia, which released on Steam last month. More recently, Frontwing released puzzler/visual novel hybrid Purino Party on Steam. They also plan to release Corona Blossom via Steam in July (and there’s also an Indiegogo for that ending soon). This is their first collaboration with a third party, and this is also from the same writer of G-Senjou no Maou.

Check out the full update, via Frontwing.

*6/28 Update*

We sincerely apologize for the long wait between updates. We do have some great news, however: the launch date for the Kickstarter project has been decided! It will launch on June 29, 6pm (PDT).

We’ve listened to the feedback we’ve recieved until now, and to make it easier for you to support our campaign, we’ve made many changes and additions to our rewards from our last update. For example, we now have 3 different limited Early Bird reward tiers (total 300 units).

We’d particularly like to bring this tier to your attention:


Of all the Early Bird tiers, the most complete package we have to offer is Fairy Tale Friends ~Early Bird~ for $80. The main draws of this tier are the deluxe game box, not to mention the official soundtrack (20+ tracks), and the art book with over 80 pages of full-color illustrations. Together, these items form a luxurious package you won’t want to miss out on. As this limited edition set is nearly identical to what you would receive when pre-ordering the game at a bishojo game store in Akihabara, it’ll be almost as if you stepped right into Japan to make the purchase yourself. To give our backers a taste of the experience, we’ve decided to recommend you this tier.

However, the Early Bird offer is limited to 100 units, so please check it out as soon as the campaign launches to avoid disappointment.

We’ve also added another stretch goal!

We have created a second stretch goal: if we receive over $200,000 in funding over the course of the campaign, we will offer all our backers the story of Special Elite Cadet Eri Nagumo’s hidden past. The story was included as part of the Sharin no Kuni fandisc, titled: A Moment’s Rest.

Wheel Country, Sunflower Girl (Sharin no Kuni) Kickstarter Promotional Campaign

Last but not least, we have yet more goodies, this time a promotional event at Anime Expo 2016 in Los Angeles. From July 1-4, Tokyo Otaku Mode (#2901), in conjunction with Frontwing (#626/726), will be holding a collaborative event in the Exhibition Hall. The first 75 lucky customers who purchase goods from each of the booths will receive one of two Wheel Country, Sunflower Girl and Tokyo Otaku Mode novelty item sets!

We also plan to offer 10 lucky attendees a set of 4 Wheel Country, Sunflower Girl posters during the event.

The details will be posted on the Kickstarter page, so please check it out!

I hope you’re looking forward to the project’s launch!

–The PR team

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