JAST USA has recently announced that it will be localizing three visual novels for the West, Shiny Days, Lightning Warrior Raidy III, and Seinarukana, but at this years Anime Expo 2015 they have added two more titles to there upcoming line up, Nitroplus’ SomiComi and Innocent Grey’s Flower-Spring Arc, all for the PC.


Flowers-Spring Arc is about a girl named Suou who applies to a boarding school called Saint Angraecum Academy. There is a special program at this school where students are tested and paired up to be friends. Just as Suou is getting settled in, students at the school mysteriously begin to disappear.


SomiComi makes you the camera man for the model, Sonico. In the game you will take requests from clients and become closer to her through dialog choices and your skills as a camera man. Sonico is a very intimidating girl having already been top of her class in college, a successful model, an employee at her Grandmothers restaurant and a member of a punk rock band, all while taking care of her 8 or so cats and wearing stylish head phones.

Along with these new titles JAST USA has announced that Lightning Warrior Raidy III has a planned release date for July and Shiny Days for August, both for PC. Seinarukan is planned for September.

So there you have it, five new visual novels coming to PC, are you as excited as we are?


We felt that the title should read 18+ because some of the visual novels mentioned are adult only.

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