Back in February, it was announced that Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, was getting a Nendoroid figure from Good Smile Company. However, getting Nendoroid Cynthia was easier said than done because she was exclusive to Japan in the form of their Pokémon Center, meaning you would have to go out of your way to import her which would be very expensive. This was initally an issue with Nendoroid Red as well, until Good Smile Company struck a deal and got him to the U.S. for their fans. Now they came through once again with Cynthia, and she’ll be coming out this Wednesday (August 26th) on Pokémon Center for order.

Cynthia is stated to come with two face plates (including the one shown above), five swappable arms and hands, three leg parts and a Pokéball. She also comes with her Garchomp, who is fully articulated in its arms, legs and head.

It’s stated that Good Smile Company may actually reveal more Pokémon characters as well, one every three months apparently. They did reveal another Nendoroid of N and Reshiram from Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 a few months ago, who comes out later this year in Pokémon Center of Japan so this may be true. It’s also likely that again, Good Smile Company will be able to bring N to the U.S.

Cynthia will be in limited quantities on Pokémon Center, like Red was last year, so she will sell fast. Red also came on Amazon in the U.S. briefly as well, but it’s not confirmed that Cynthia will be the same. Cynthia retailed for 5000 yen ($42.07 converted) in Japan, so her U.S. price should be around that as well.


Arvind Radakrishnan
Arvind is a YouTube Let's Player who aspires to become a future programmer in a gaming company. He enjoys doing many things game related from cosplay, collectibles, making videos of them and some variants of games. He plays action/adventure, survival horror, and RPGs mainly.