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The long awaited English translation patch for TYPE-MOON and Imageepoch’s game, Fate/Extra CCC, is now complete and ready to download. Iwakura Productions first announced the project back in September 2015, and a little over 8 years later, fans will finally be able to play the title fully in English. The patch was initially teased to release by Christmas, but it is now available to download well before that date.

You can check out the release video below.


The Fate/Extra CCC Translation Team at Iwakura Productions is as follows:

  • Producer/Editor – cj_iwakura
  • Super Hacker – esperknight
  • Translator/Master – rikkuchou
  • Translator/Hero Unit – ItsumoKnight
  • Incredible Hacker – Kotcrab
  • Image Editors – IgorAkou, RoboticBomber
  • FoxTail Translator – EDreamer
  • Quality Checker – Kinsei
  • Translator/Tooler – JS
  • Translator/Battle/Shitposter – SnowyAria
  • Stealthy Translator – khikari
  • Tester: Caterer Class – Telephone_ghost

Messages from the team as well as the English patch download link can be found HERE. A link to report any bugs or typos found while utilizing the patch can also be found in the same post.

Fate/Extra CCC first launched in Japan in March 2013 for PlayStation Portable. An overseas release was never announced for the game, so fans had no way to play the game fully in English, until now. I would like to extend a big thanks to Iwakura Productions and all the Translation Team members who worked tirelessly on this patch for all these years. Many fans have been waiting for the opportunity to play this game and experience its story, and now they have that chance.

SOURCES: cj_iwakura X Post, Iwakura Productions Official Website

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