Final Fantasy V Amano Illustration | Oprainfall

Final Fantasy V Amano Illustration | Oprainfall

This summer, Square Enix is planning on releasing remastered soundtracks of three Final Fantasy games that were released on Super Nintendo/Famicom (not counting Mystic Quest). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the SNES or are new to the Final Fantasy series, the news applies to Final Fantasy IV (localized as II), V, and VI (localized as III).  Not only were those three games very popular among fans of the series, but they are all considered to have excellent soundtracks. Final Fantasy VI has what is often considered some of the best music of the 16-bit era.

Square Enix is going to start with releasing Final Fantasy IV Original Remaster Version on July 3. They will release Final Fantasy V Original Remaster Version the following month on August 7. The CDs will cost 3,200 yen, which is a little more than $30 US. Those of you who pick it up at launch will be treated to an illustration from Yoshitaka Amano. Amano is known for designing and drawing artwork for games in the Final Fantasy Series. One of his works for FFV is pictured above.

As for the remastered soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI, it will be released later on in the summer. No specific release date has been announced yet.


Justin Guillou
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