God Eater Key Visual

Some unfortunate news has been reported for fans of the God Eater TV anime series. It appears that on Sunday God Eater will air its final episode. Multiple Japanese TV stations including Tokyo MX and Yahoo! TV Japan are listing the 9th episode as the final episode for the broadcast. The series was originally to have 13 episodes however 4 of the 13 episodes aired have been Extra recap episodes.  The recap episodes took the place of actual episodes that were previously scheduled to take place in that timeslot. After the 9th episode takes place, the following week on October 4, Comet Lucifer will take over God Eater’s 10:30 pm timeslot.

The God Eater TV anime is an adaptation of the God Eater series of video games by Shift and Namco Bandai Games. The anime adaptation is based on the first game in the series and is produced by Ufotable, the studio that animated the opening for the God Eater game. The 1st Blu-ray will be released simultaneously with God Eater Resurrection (a remake of the 1st God Eater game for PS4 and PS Vita) on October 29.  The anime adaptation first premiered in July. It is unknown whether or not the anime will be continued in another format such as in the Blu-ray releases or via web releases.

Daisuki is currently streaming God Eater as the show airs in Japan and Crunchyroll began airing the show on August 11.

It would be unfortunate if the series ends at 9 episodes, hopefully Ufotable continues the anime in some way, whether it be via online or releasing the remaining episodes with the Blu-ray releases.


Patrick Aguda
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