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Rising Star Games has officially announced a physical release of Zombie Vikings for the PlayStation 4. They are going to help Zoink Games publish this special physical edition of the game. Rising Star Games and Zoink Games made a bold move to release Zombie Vikings with exclusive content for the physical release. Your eyes are not deceiving you, the physical release is going to have exclusive content not available in the digital counterpart. The exclusive content includes five characters, two arenas, and a digital artbook to view on your console. This is a good enticement to buy a physical copy of the game over the digital release, which was released on the PlayStation Network one week ago. From Rising Star’s Press Release:

Holy möther fafnir! These hacking dead are going BERSERK!

The promised land of Valhalla awaits you my brothers and sisters! Rising Star Games today announced that they have formed a partnership with acclaimed Swedish developer, Zoink Games. The partnership will see the release of Zombie Vikings: Ragnarök Editiön, a physical boxed version of the comedy-filled hack n’ slash adventure game, on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system replete with exclusive gaming content.

From the creators of last years’ indie hit Stick It to The Man! comes Zombie Vikings, a new co-op 4 player stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon with a dead funny adventure written by comedic genius and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal creator, Zach Weinersmith.

Loki just snatched Odin’s last magic eye right out of his eye-socket and hastily ran off with it. Thor and the gods are too busy partying, so blind as a bat Odin makes a last ditch effort desperate move. He raises four of the most fearsome Zombie Vikings out of Norse soil – Gunborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa! A putrid posse sent on a mission through the most epicness of worlds to retrieve the magic eye and make peace with their rotten pasts.

In Zombie Vikings players will hack through the boiling gingerbread swamps of Molgaga, take a cruise through the intestines of the Midgaard Serpent, fight giant troll poultry and find out how Söccer was really invented. It’s going to be a gorifically grotesque adventure!

Do you plan to purchase the game? Will you be buying a physical copy over the digital copy? Do you think it was a good move for Zoink Games and Rising Star Games to include exclusive content for the physical edition of the game? Share us your thoughts and reactions below.


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