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The official website for Jun Maeda and Na-Ga’s currently-airing original anime series Charlotte announced that the seventh DVD and Blu-ray for the series will include a special OVA episode. The episode, titled “Record of the Future”, will be alongside the 13th and final episode of the anime on the disc, which will release on March 23, 2016.

In addition to the OVA, the limited edition of the final Blu-ray release will include a drama CD of the cast’s radio appearance, box art by character designer Na-Ga, digipak art by Kanami Sekiguchi, and commentary and a screenplay by series creator Jun Maeda.

Charlotte’s OVA release mirrors what Maeda did with his 2010 series Angel Beats!, which also featured an OVA episode on its final home release. Both series were produced by Aniplex and animated by P. A. Works.


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