Xenoblade X Dolls - Skells

The credits for soon-to-be-released RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X have revealed the full English voice cast for the game. The list includes the main characters, several avatar voices, and a list of additional voices:

Voice Cast (English)

Elma – Caitlin Glass
Lin – Cassandra Lee Morris
Tatsu – Chris Cason
Irina – Carrie Keranen
Gwin – Michael Sinterniklaas
Lao – Matt Mercer
Doug – Patrick Seitz
L – Ray Chase
Ga Buidhe – Cindy Robinson
Maurice – Kirk Thorton
Goetia – Rachel Robinson
Dahgan – Patrick Seitz
Celica – Mela Lee
Rock – Nicolas Roye
Yelv – Kaiji Tang
Boze – Chris Jai Alex
H.B. – D.C. Douglas
Frye – Doug Erholtz
Phog – Josh Grelle
Alexa – Cherami Leigh
Hope – Alexis Tipton


Kira Buckland
Robbie Daymond
Ben Diskin
Erin Fitzgerald
Kate Higgins
Adam Howden
Yuri Lowenthal
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Bryce Papenbrook
Tara Platt
Carina Reeves
Keith Silverstein
Cristina Valenzuela
Dan Woren

Additional Voices

Brian Beacock
Robert Clotworthy
Lauren Landa
Erica Mendez
Michael Chapman
Scot Ritchey
Chris Smith
Julie Ann Taylor
Kyle Hebert
Rich Amtower
T. Axelrod
Melody Moran
Russell Nash
John Ricciardi
Stephanie Sheh
Doug Stone
Kindra Timmerwilke
Christine Marie Cabanos
Wendee Lee
Amanda Miller
Ben Pronsky
Michelle Ruff
Spike Spencer
Joe J. Thomas

Xenoblade Chronicles X launches on Wii U in North America on December 4, 2015.


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