Song of Memories

Weekly Famitsu confirmed that Song of Memories — initially greenlit for the Vita — has now been confirmed to get released on the PS4 exclusively now. According to developer Pure Wish, the change has been due to increase in scenarios and song patterns.

For those unfamiliar with this, Song of Memories is about a mysterious virus that only affects women, with the infected beginning an invasion as “the new breed of humans.” The game features a love story with a protagonist and three women who could be infected.

The game is primarily adventure-driven but it does also feature JRPG elements, such as an RPG-style battle system in which you summon girls from Dream 4 You to attack with the power of music. The songs change depending on who you summon and in what order with 1000 songs in total to experience. The game also has dating sim elements, allowing you to go for walks with the heroines of the game and raise their affection for you, though it would also bring them to be a possible target.

The game is set to release in Japan in Spring 2016. You can watch the trailer below.


Jerry Hrechka
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