This week’s Dengeki PlayStation shows off three mini-games set to appear in the Falcom’s newest game, Tokyo Xanadu, for the PlayStation Vita.

The mine games are “Gate of Avalon”, Which is a followup to a mini game in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel‘s Blade. Next is, “Misshi Panic with Magical Girl Magical Alisa” and finally, Skateboarding.


Dengeki also provides information on the games difficulty modes, “East”, “Normal”, “Hard”, and “Nightmare”. Players will be able to change difficulty at any time, excluding the Nightmare setting. Real world stores will appear in the game including, Animate, Kotobukiya, and Orion Shobo. The issue gives some information on the battle system, pressing triangle will alternate characters, while the d-pad alternates support characters. Characters in the support frame will slowly regain HP.

Tokyo Xanadu is coming to the PlayStation Vita on September 30 in Japan.


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