Cynthia - Pokémon Nendoroid

Last year, Good Smile Company announced a Nendoroid of Red from Pokémon, to tie in with the anime special Pokémon: Origins. Now they have announced Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, as a nendoroid. She is set to come with two face plates, a Pokéball, five swappable arms, five hands, and three leg parts. She also comes with a Garchomp, which is fully articulated with its arms, legs and head.

Cynthia is a little unexpected considering the Ruby and Sapphire remakes came out a few months ago and some companies have been capitalizing on that game, such as Bandai; though other companies have returned to the Sinnoh Pokémon like Lucario. But I do like how cute she looks, and that Garchomp makes this a steal for me.

Unfortunately, like Red, Cynthia is an exclusive to Pokémon Center of Japan and, meaning that she can’t be shipped to anyone outside of Japan. Some sites are taking pre-orders, such as Sunyshore, but the asking price is fairly steep. However, with Red, Good Smile Company was actually able to come through for their fans, and Red was able to be ordered from Pokémon Center in America and Amazon back in December. It’s likely they might be able to come through again for Cynthia, but not much is known at the moment.

Cynthia can be pre-ordered between March 7th to April 15th from Pokémon Center in Japan and for 5,000 yen. She is also on Sunyshore for $70.




Arvind Radakrishnan
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