Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

I had an unhealthy addiction to last year’s Capcom developed RPG Dragon’s Dogma. Something about its dark fantasy premise and technical blemishes that consumed me like the Brine that plagues the shores of Gransys (The mainland of Dragon’s Dogma). Now with that being said, Capcom had a hefty, detail-littered reveal regarding Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, the upcoming downloadable content, late last month. And just recently, Capcom released a trailer displaying combat with the ghastly new enemies that can be found lurking around Bitterblack Isle (the new location in Dark Arisen).

The enemies in the order of appearance:

  • Death – The scythe wielder
  • Pyresaurian (I see what you did there, Capcom)
  • Worm – Better bring your “Masterwork” boots to fell these beasts.
  • Man Eater – Also known as the “Chest Defiler”
  • Strigoi – “Be wary of its tail, Arisen.”
  • Skeleton Brute – He has quite the “bone” to pick with you.
  • Siren – Do NOT heed its call.
  • Eliminator – What sharp horns it has.
  • Gore Cyclops – The spikes represent his hatred.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen launches April 23 in America and April 26 in Europe for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.


Arik Yates
Former Contributor- Arik (yes, it's with an "A") is an aspiring video game journalist and professional monster hunter. He joined Operation Rainfall in January of 2013 and has been following since the Xenoblade days. His gaming obsessions include Uncharted, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, No More Heroes, and Bioshock.