Red Ash The Animation

Red Ash THE ANIMATION has a kickstarter with quite a few options for backing the project. Let’s start with a few details about the project.

A bit about the project:

The main characters will explore separate unique worlds and stories in the animation and game created by two production teams with full creative freedom.

STUDIO4℃, a creative studio consistently producing high quality video works and highly acclaimed worldwide with its distinctive outputs.

A team led by Keiji Inafune, a man involved in the creation of countless hit games as a creator at Capcom.

The two entities will collaborate in an exciting blend of creative skills and talents.

And Now A Few Story Details:

 Key Word: Cicada

Key Numbers: 13 & 17

They say that pushing the wrong button will cause “it” to awaken and emerge from underground.

Is the map grandpa gave to Beck a treasure map? Or a landmine map? Intrigued by the mysterious code, Beck and his best friend Deny continue to dig caves in search of hidden treasure. But the friends end up parting ways and competing for the treasure.

One neat feature is the teams behind this animation welcome all suggestions, and encourage you to send them in.

Take Part

I’m sure everyone is curious what the goals are for this project.

Goals and stretch

So, what will you get for coughing up your hard earned money?


Check out the trailer below for a few more details and decide for yourself if you want to back this Kickstarter. There is also a Kickstarter for Red Ash: The Indelible Legend. Click the link for more information on that.

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