UPDATE: Now, despite evidence to the contrary, Nintendo tweeted this, making it seem as though NoA will be localizing Devil’s Third in the West. Very curious.

Devil's Third action
Just imagine the red eyed assailant is Nintendo

There was a lot of speculation about why Nintendo completely ignored Itagaki’s latest action fest, Devil’s Third, this year at E3. I mean, the game is supposed to be a Wii U exclusive, last I checked, but the game didn’t even merit Treehouse footage, much like Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which only was discussed during the Treehouse, yet was not mentioned at all during the E3 Direct. Now rumors abound that Devil’s Third is NOT being published in the West via Nintendo, which has understandably upset fans of Itagaki’s work.

Today that rumor is compounded by news from Siliconera that Devil’s Third is indeed coming to our shores, but not via Nintendo. They hint that a publisher they are quite familiar with has taken it upon themselves to publish the dark action game instead, but give no particulars. I personally hope they are right, since I generally love the darker, more edgy games that manage to make it to Nintendo consoles, despite the company’s typical stance against those types of games. I almost always find the ones that do make it over are exceptional, such as Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube and MadWorld for the Wii.

Are you excited about the possibility that Devil’s Third isn’t dead? Could you care less? Does the Wii U not excite you anymore? Chime in on your thoughts below and let us know!


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