Walking sims? Who needs walking sims when you can play an exciting running sim like IKIGAI Play’s Runner Heroes: The Curse of Night and Day? And it would just so happen that this game was recently released on Steam!

Runner Heroes appears to be similar to many different endless runner games in which you control a character as they continuously match forward and attempt to dodge obstacles, defeat enemies, ect. The running does not appear to be endless however, as the game does contain levels and goals. It also features the unique gimmick of controlling two characters at once in single player mode, or you and a friend can each take control of a single character in two different cooperative modes. You can checkout the trailer below if you’re curious:



It also might be worth noting that the games main theme is preformed by Javier Vargas (of Vargas Blues Band) and Dani Wilde. Runner Heroes: The Curse of Night and Day is out now on Steam for $19.99 USD, however if you act fast you can pick it up for 10% off.

SOURCE: Press release.

Aaron Evangelisti
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