Nintendo FeaturedWe might see the Nintendo NX a lot sooner than we expected. According to certain DigiTimes sources, Nintendo is asking its supply chain partners, Foxconn Electronics, to start production of the NX as early as October.

Foxconn will finalize the orders by February or March 2016. Afterwards mass productions will begin on May or June. The sources say that the launch will take place in July.

Nintendo has said that they won’t reveal any details about the system until at least 2016. If the sources at DigiTimes are to be believed, that leaves a six month window in which Nintendo reveal details about the Nintendo NX. In this scenario, the only thing we’re certain about is that the NX reveal won’t be at E3 2016, unless they’ve started taking advice from Sega circa 1995.

Compare that to the Wii U’s lead up to its launch. The Wii U was revealed during their E3 2011 press conference, a full year and a half before its December 2012 launch. The Wii also had a similar timetable. The Nintendo 3DS does have a somewhat similar history. That was revealed during Nintendo’s E3 2010 before being released eight months later. But in all three of these cases, the initial reveal is during a major video game conference. There are no such events between July 2016 and January 2016.

All this supposition would be worth pondering about if it was based on rock solid evidence, but all we have to go on are rumors and supposed inside sources. Until we have said evidence, we’re left with waiting for Nintendo to make the next move.

Karli Winata
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