Project X Zone 2 Japanese boxart

Project X Zone 2

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s European YouTube account uploaded an English version of the recently-released first extended promotional video for Project X Zone 2. It shows off some of the attacks for the pair units revealed so far and also demos portions of all known solo units. The characters shown here do not represent the completed roster for the game. Imagine a final release with fewer characters than the previous game!

The shout-outs are abundant in the trailer. The ending of Kiryu and Majima’s single-target super is a reference to the Japanese boxart of Yakuza 1. In X and Zero’s single-target super, Zero’s attacks are inspired by the “lightning loop” technique that was discovered in competitive Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 play. X and Zero are also using attacks in this game that date past Mega Man X4, including Volt Tornado, Sougenmu, and Hadangeki.

Two new important gameplay features are detailed in the trailer. First is Mirage Cancel, which allows players to land easier Critical Hits (adds more damage to each hit of a particular command) by sacrificing 100 XP. Mirage Cancel ends your attacking animation and slows down the enemy’s free-falling state. If executed at a particular time (it’s not clear when,) players should be able to regain 50 XP immediately upon activation. To explain Critical Hits: they are earned when a pair unit’s initial attacks connect with the enemy right as they are landing from a previous attack. You can recognize when you’ve achieved a Critical Hit by noticing the yellow damage numbers and a different attacking sound. Also new is “Cross Break.” When a pair and solo unit are attacking at the same time, the enemy is placed in a “Cross Hit” state where it remains frozen. Certain attack options, when used in conjunction with a solo unit’s extended attack sequence, will yield a Cross Break and inflict Critical Hit damage instead of standard damage.

Judging by the icons attached to certain attack options, there may be secondary attributes to various attacks.

The Japanese version of the trailer showed off bonus content that wasn’t present in the English version, including the ability to play the original The Legend of Valkyrie game with Xiaomu (Reiji Arisu’s partner) as a playable option. We will have to see if there will be differences in content offered between the Japanese release and other versions. The Legend of Valkyrie has never been localized before, so I would appreciate the chance to play it. In addition, according to the trailer the EU release has been delayed to early 2016. There’s been no official comment on any changes to the North American release schedule, as of yet.

Check out the English version of the new Project X Zone 2 trailer below.

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