Muv Luv Pre-Order

Muv-Luv is now available for pre-order. Save 10%, making the game $31.49,  and get some high res wallpapers. This limited offer is available until the games release around mid-July.

There is also a Share Some Luv giveaway going on. Enter here.

Prizes include:

Grand Prize

  • 1 X Red Takemikazuchi
  • 1 X Destroyer BETA Plushie
  • 1 X Kickstarter Exclusive Pillowcases of your choice

Runner Up Prizes

  • 5 X Yuuko’s Gift Bag
  • 10 X Muv-Luv AX Posters/Prints
  • 2 X Other TSF Models (TBD)
  • 5 X Muv-Luv T-Shirt
  • 10 X Muv-Luv Digital Copy


Preorder Muv-Luv Now!

We just launched the Muv-Luv preorder! Save 10% and also receive some bonus high resolution wallpapers*! This limited offer is available until we release the full game around mid-July. We did this pre-release sale, so everyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign still has a chance to get Muv-Luv at a cheaper price (although our backers got the best deal 😉

Even if you’ve already backed, please share the word with your friends and family and help spread the Luv! To help you do this we’ve launched our “Share Some Luv” Giveaway. This is your chance to win some awesome prizes! Click here to enter!

Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited is scheduled to release mid-July. Everyone who’s pledge includes a digital (or physical) copy will receive a steam key the day before the release!

*Backers who contributed for a digital or physical copy of Muv-Luv will also receive the wallpapers!

Crystal Colwell
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