steins; gate | cover

With the announcement of Steins; gate 0 coming out in Japan and a release in Europe on June 5, it seems like the United States are finally catching up. The critically acclaimed visual novel Steins; Gate, is set to be released for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita on August 25. There will also be an ‘El Psy Kongroo Edition’ available for $79.99 exclusive through Rice Digital.

The Special Edition will include:

  • Limited Edition Steins;Gate game box.
  • Gorgeous, premium quality 126 page artbook featuring CG and Key Artwork.
  • Double Pin Badge set for new Future Gadget Lab Members!
  • Exclusive Metal Upa Replica.
  • Badge set and Metal Upa Presentation box.



Jerry Hrechka
Jerry Hrechka is a writer and journalist. He was born in the Catskill mountains and now resides in Georgia, still trying to work out how exactly that happened. His work can also be found on as well as on his horror podcast 1001 Frights.