Nintendo Direct

Nintendo is considering an early access program for its hardware. The program would be similar to Steam and Microsoft’s programs allowing consumers to purchase a game that is not yet finished. In an interview with Polygon, Damon Baker, the Head of Nintendo’s of America’s Indie Development and Third Party Team, stated “We don’t have anything to announce, but I can say that we’re certainly exploring options and capabilities.” “So anything is possible. I guess the important part of it is we’re very conscious of it and definitely looking at it.” If Nintendo decides to implement its own early access style program for the Wii U and 3DS, this could be a good move as long as the program is implemented properly. With Nintendo’s efforts to promote indie developers on the eShop and through various indie programs such as Nindies at Home, an access program would likely be set up in a similar fashion.

Are you excited for the possibility of an early access style program on Nintendo’s hardware? Would you purchase early access to upcoming games on the Wii U and 3DS? Do you believe this is an idea Nintendo should not pursue? Share us your thoughts and reactions to this news.


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