MangaGamer has announced two new titles at Anime Central. These are a  couple of third entries in series, MOONSTONE’s Uchikano series – Uchikano – Living With My Lovers and Guilty’s Nightmare series – Nightmare x Vampire – Inferno of Retribution. 

Here is a bit about both from the press release:

Uchikano – Living With My Lovers!

Keisuke is finally enjoying the life of a normal salaryman for the first time until one day a casual conversation about an indie music duo he used to love leads to a night of heavy drinking with the duo in question that ends in literal flames. After breaking his arm in the act of saving the duo from the fire, Yuri and Chika decide to live with him so they can care for him while he heals and have a roof over their heads. From that dramatic turn of events, the three of them start to grow closer and more intimate, learning each other’s quirks and pasts as well as what truly matters in life. Will this throuple manage to navigate the challenges their new lifestyle brings them? Will they pull it off while also pursuing their music career and finally make it big?!
After learning that demons were the ones who killed her parents, Rei Kizuki took up her grandfather’s sword, and with the power of the vampiric blood flowing within her veins, she took the hunt to them in order to make them pay. Now her latest lead has set her path alongside that of two nuns, Setsuna and Yuka Shindo, who are once again pursuing an evil cult of demon worshipers that has taken root in the city. Will they be able to work together? Will they stop this branch of the cult that has spread its web into the local community? Or will Rei and the Sisters be forced to breed more of the demons they loathe?!
Both titles are available right now in the MangaGamer store, and you can pick up Uchikano – Living With My Lovers on Steam as well.
Steve Baltimore
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