For those of you who can’t get enough of the cuteness that is Yoshi’s Wooly World, here’s some more screenshot footage for you. Yoshi’s Wooly World features boss levels after each world, which is typical of Mario games, and are pretty challenging! Yoshi’s Wooly World also has what’s known as a “mellow mode” which offers more laid back, easy going co-op gameplay for those of you seeking stress free gameplay. You can also scan in amiibo and take on forms of certain games in the Nintendo landscape.  Super cute and super fuzzy goodness come your way with this game. Yoshi’s Wooly World releases in 16 October 2015. There’s a new trailer at the bottom of the mound of screenshots.

I can’t wait!

Closer shot of the concept piece of the yarn Yoshi
Yoshi’s Wooly World amiibo! So cute!
Mario and Luigi yarn concepts and final draft.


Scan any Mario amiibo and you can transform into…Yarnio!


Yarn Mario in action!
Boss battle time!
Mellow mode!
More mellow mode!
E3 2015 Yoshi's Wooly World
Even more mellow mode! Yarn balls are kawaii!



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