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Given all the excitement about downloadable content for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U lately – first with Mewtwo officially becoming available for fans who bought both games starting today, and, then, with the recent Smash Ballot announcement – it seems appropriate to mention some new developments that have cropped up following the game’s recent 1.06 update.

One user over at Reddit appears to have found evidence included in the new update that implies that Roy of Fire Emblem fame, who first and last appeared in Melee, may indeed be making a return in the newest iteration. It’s an exciting development, to be sure, but just what proof is there? Apparently, the 1.06 update included a collection sound files that strongly imply the future inclusion of the long-absent swordsman. Specifically, the file names are as follows:

  • snd_bgm_F27_AIR_MoriStage_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_H12_BW_Sentou_Zekrom_Reshiram_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_SF01_SF2_Ryu_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_T09_SDX_PupupuLand_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_V01_PAC_PacMan_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z80_F_Mewtwo_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z81_F_Ryu_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z82_F_Lucas_3DS.nus3bank
  • snd_bgm_Z83_F_Roy_3DS.nus3bank

Super Smash Bros. | RyuNow, it’s all pretty much gibberish to me, but the file mentioning Roy is actually a victory song track playing the Fire Emblem theme — the same that plays for the game’s other franchise characters. This does seem to imply that the red-headed hero may yet find his way back onto the roster. However, even more interesting than this are the two files mentioning Ryu. Yes, Street Fighter Ryu. One of these files plays the theme from Ryu’s stage in Street Fighter II. The other, the post-fight conversation music from the same game. It seems like a pretty out-there inclusion, but, hey, with Mega Man already duking it out against other Nintendo greats, it’s obvious that Capcom characters are certainly in the running. Who knows? Maybe Sakurai and the Smash Bros. team are getting out ahead of the Smash Ballot and including a few combatants that they’d like to see in the game themselves.

Of course, it’s all a bunch of (somewhat) baseless conjecture at the moment, but it very well may be that we’ll be seeing the iconic karate man throwing Hadoukens, Shoryukens and Hurricane Kicks some time in the future. Does the prospect of another well-known third-party character have you excited, or do you think this is a waste of a character slot? Let us know in the comments!

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