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Shulk amiibo Being Restocked?

Shulk amiibo

Boy amiibos are a hot topic today. Then again aren’t they a hot topic just about every day? They are as long as the shortages keep on going. Let’s throw in another good piece of news to our resident hero with the Monado Blade. Shulk, from our worshipped game, Xenoblade Chronicles! This is in regards to the Shulk amiibo of course. According to a tweet captured by Amiibo News, there’s a new CPSIA certificate for Shulk amiibo.


The significance in the picture posted above is the reference to an April production run. Now this could just be in reference to Shulk amiibo getting another run sent out by GameStop in May. There is however a possible chance that this means another run of Shulk amiibo is being made for restocking purposes. I hope this means Smash fans, Xenoblade fans and collectors alike to get their hands on Shulk amiibo. Especially so we could possibly use it in games like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

Anyone out there still having trouble picking up Shulk amiibo and are itching for one? It’s already hard enough that Shulk amiibo are exclusive to GameStop. That makes it more of an adventure to collect. Let us know in the comments below. We’ll keep you posted on more amiibo action here at oprainfall. Especially if it regards to our beloved main character of one of our favorite games.

Just so maybe you won’t have to pay a million dollars to get it on eBay. You won’t get away with this scalpers!


Lois Polite
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