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If you’re the kind of person that loves retro RPGs but wishes they could be more robust in some of their systems and game elements, Thylacine Studios’ Siralim might just be up your alley. The game is best described as a retro RPG with monster ranching, hub development and rouge dungeon and overworld exploration. In Siralim, you are a monster trainer responsible for defending, building and expanding your kingdom and populating it with NPCs to further enhance the game experience.

In your travels, you’ll be able to capture up to 300 different monsters, each with their own abilities and spells that can be customized. Players of games like this, with so many options available to them, are well-known for mining content to find some devastating combinations, and it looks like Thylacine Studios is well aware that the kind of longevity and variety Siralim offers is what the intended audience craves. The rogue dungeon and overworld exploring, punishing turn-based combat, and monster and hub upgrading systems are sure to keep people busy for a long time.

By exploring the land with up to six monsters following you and helping you in battles, you will come across enemies that you can capture, breed and augment with an in depth crafting system to create multiple options to enhance your effectiveness. And without a level cap, there truly is no limit to how ridiculously powerful you can become. And if you want to test yourself regardless of how strong you get, there is an arena in your hub where you can take your creations to fight for fun and profit. Check out the preview trailer and screenshots below to get a glimpse at Siralim.

Siralim Quest Screen Siralim Overworld

Siralim Monster Page Siralim Fight

Siralim is currently available on Steam for PC. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to purchase the full game, there is a free demo available as well. Siralim is also available for free on Android and iOS platforms.


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