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Casting Call for New Heroes to Fight the Good Fight in ZQGame’s Flagship Mobile Game   

(LOS ANGELES) May 1, 2015 – ZQGame Global , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen ZQGame Network Co., Ltd (SZSE: 300052) today announced its action-RPG, Soul Guardians has reached its one-year Midgard-versary.  In light of the milestone, Soul Guardians will be hosting its Watchers of Midgard: Eve of the Demon Surge Event, encouraging players to pick a new hero, fast-track their power level and fight for the greater good of Midgard.

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There is no time to celebrate…..
Since Midgard opened its gates one year ago, new Heroes have joined the ranks of the Soul Guardians elite. The Watchers of Midgard have searched through all bounds of space and time to find warriors prolific in power and equally as embodied in virtue. Newly indoctrinated Heroes are at the disposal to all players old and new to jump in the fray.

Crusader: Master of the Giga Strike, the Crusader’s spear transforms into a gigantic drill, corkscrewing through all enemies standing before him.

Pistoleer: Purveyor of the Rapid Express, this sharpshooter will launch enemies into the air before painting them with bullets mid-flight.

Magician: The arcane artisan, clockwork spell master and divine bewitcher are only a few monikers given to this master class wizard.

Shadowchaser: Ostensibly mysterious yet dangerous, the latest addition to Midgard will summon the Chains of Hell when threat arises.

The Watchers of Midgard: Eve of the Demon Surge Event
Beginning today through Sunday May 3 at 11:59PM PST, players are encouraged to pick a new hero archetype and fast-track themselves for competitive action by receiving twice the experience and double the gold.

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About Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard
A deal with the demons gone awry, the future of humanity and the entire realm of Midgard’s fate lay in the hands of a few fateful warriors known as the Soul Guardians. Take on the roles as a Slasher, Monk, Ranger, Samurai, Spirit Hunter and others as you battle through dungeons swarming with vile creatures and monsters. Invoke the powers of the Soul Arts to unleash over-the-top skill attacks, clearing enemies from your path.

About ZQGame Global
ZQGame Global is a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer specializing in fun and immersive mobile games. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in El Segundo, California, ZQGame Global is the US branch of Shenzhen ZQGame, a publicly-traded company on China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE 300052) with more than 3000 employees and over 30 studios worldwide. Since its inception, ZQGame Global has published top grossing titles including card battle-strategy RPG, Pocket Knights, action RPG, Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard and tactical RPG Brave Brigade. For more information please visit: .

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