Omega Labyrinth

A slew of new information on the newly announced PlayStation Vita rougelike rpg title, Omega Labyrinth which is due out in Japan on November 11th of this year.

In the August 12 issue of Dengeki PlayStation (Vol. 596), D3 Publisher has just announced news on a new (note: the article uses an incredibly lame Japanese pun with the character for “breasts” to make this point) game project called Omega Labyrinth! There is plenty of information on the characters, and it looks like they’ve got their hands full! There’s also information on a must-see system!

In this game, a roguelike RPG, main character Aina Akemiya and her friends must tackle dangerous dungeons to search for the “Holy Grail of Beauty,” an item that can grant any wish one so desires. And this girl’s wish is…to make her boobs bigger! (This is important.)

Aina Akemiya, the main character.
The magazine pages introduce this girl, as well as other characters who like boobs! Also, this report is fully loaded with aspects such as details on the “Omega Power,” which lets you grab keys, and the power-saving “Boob Appraisal” system, among others, and interesting cuts from inside dungeons!

Another character revealed. Do you see those wing-like things…?
Furthermore, with a system called “Fainting in Agony☆Awakening,” where you give the girls “Omega Power” by touching their sensitive spots, they become something else entirely…

Aina, who seems to be unable to find a school uniform. Really, what could she do? ! Please look at Dengeki PlayStation Vol.596, on sale August 12, for realistic female boobs and more interesting details!

Second article:

Today, D3 Publisher has released a follow up report for their new roguelike RPG for the PS Vita, Omega Labyrinth.

This game’s main character is Aina Akemiya. This girl, who is seeking the “Holy Grail of Beauty,” an item that will grant any wish one so desires, for the purpose of making her boobs bigger, must conquer dangerous dungeons to find it.

“The Boob Appraisal System”
Roughly rubbing the boobs on the touchscreen will make the Indecision Crystals swell up. The contents of these crystals will then come out.
When mystery items are inserted between boobs, if shaken uncontrollably, the item’s true form will be revealed…or so we think.

Aina Akemiya – VA: Haruka Yamazaki
Nako Mimomo – VA: Aya Uchida
Sairi Sousha – VA: M.A.O.
Pai – VA: Emi Uema

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Thanks go out to our translator, Will Whitehurst.

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