Monolith Soft has updated the official website for Xenoblade X, this time on the previously hinted at DLC that will be released a week after the release of Xenoblade X in Japan on the 29th of this month. You can check out the new screenshots below.

The highlight are the above four characters, who come with three missions each, whereon completion of these missions will unlock them for use in your party. Each of these DLC Packs will cost around 500 yen, with three of them coming with blueprints for new Dolls, with the fourth giving you a blueprint for a new weapon.

The other three DLC packs will add a bevy of new missions that will help level characters up, more money to be earned, and affinity increase, making things  a little easier. Each will cost around 300 yen. You can either buy them separately for around 2900 yen or all in one pack for 2000 yen.

Along with the plethora of news with the game’s ever closer official release in Japan, Nintendo has released a new Iwata Asks on Xenoblade X. An interesting read, with a nice tid bit about the game’s localization:

Kojima – So, I was a bit sorry after this…
Iwata – The localization process must be quite a challenge, too! (laughs)
Kojima – Yes, that’s why I felt very sorry about what I’d done… Also, I was very sorry to throw such a workload at Mario Club. (Mario Club, Inc. conducts testing on Nintendo software during development.)
Iwata – Ah, it must’ve been quite some job for Mario Club, too.
Kojima – I was so focused on creating the game that I didn’t pay attention to who had to take care of the aftermath.
Iwata – When I saw the invoice for Mario Club’s testing fees, I froze up for a moment.
Kojima – I’m not surprised…
Iwata – I even said out loud, “Why are these numbers so high!” (laughs)
Kojima – I would like to take this time to apologize to everyone that was involved in this matter.
All – (laughs)

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