Ragnarok Online 2 Banner

Ragnarok Online 2 Banner

Ragnarok Online is known as the classic that defined the genre in MMORPG’s. Even if you don’t play many MMO’s at all, you’ve probably still heard of it anyway. So, when its developer, Gravity, announced Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, it was a huge moment. The game that started it all now has a successor that’s up to date with modern graphics and other improvements, bridging the gap between then and now.

Through WarpPortal, they’ve finally announced that the open beta phase is coming up some time in Mid-April. Pre-registration is already available, while further updates are being handled by the game’s Facebook page.

They’ve also got this trailer showing off the game:

Are you a fan of the original Ragnarok Online? Or will this be enough to make you try a Ragnarok game for the first time?


Phil Schipper
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