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Thus far, Bandai has been covering the Super Mario series with S.H. Figuarts Mario, Luigi, and set to release this month, Yoshi. There’s been a few sets released with each as well, for the purpose of creating dioramas and extending use of the figures; Set A and B with Mario, and Set C with Luigi. Considering that we’ve seen little re-use in these sets, it’s surprising to see that instead of going for another character like Bowser, Wario or Princess Peach, Bandai is continuing with a variant with Fire Mario, the first variant in the line so far. In addition, Bandai has shown Set D, which features Boo, Bullet Bill and Koopa Troopa. Check out the above picture to see how they look.

It makes sense to see Bandai release Fire Mario since there is enough demand for him. Also the accessories are great enough, though an alternate face for Mario would have been nice. This may pave the way for Fire Luigi as well if it sells well. Unlike Mario, the enemies that make up Set D lack articulation but have flight stands to keep them(particularly Bullet Bill and Boo) true to their in-game abilities. Maybe one day, we can have a fully articulated enemy set but for now, we have this.

Both Fire Mario, and Set D (Enemy Pack) are Tamashii Webshop exclusives, so they are made to order and ship to North America. Big Bad Toy Store has both of them for order.

Fire Mario and Set D are now up for pre-order.


fire mario accessory  enemy pack

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