Runbow Will Have Special Guests
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Several special guests are coming to Runbow.

13 AM Games has announced special guest characters for their upcoming Wii U eShop-exclusive game, Runbow. Some of the special guests include Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight), Rusty (SteamWorld Dig), Juan and Tostada (Guacamelee!), Swift Thornebrooke (Sportsball), Scram Kitty (Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails) and Commander Video (Bit.Trip series). The characters seem to retain their abilities from their respective games. Some more multiplayer footage was shown as the characters race and fight against each other. The official trailer can be viewed below:

Does the appearance of indie favorites such as Shovel Knight, Rusty and Commander Video persuade you to buy the game when it comes out, or are you indifferent to these cameos? Let us know!

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