Saint Seya: Soldiers' Soul
Guess who’s back?

Fans of the Japanese anime classic Saint Seya have a new game to look forward to coming out this year in Japan. Bandai Namco Entertainment announced Saint Seya: Soldiers’ Soul will be releasing this fall on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, as well as on PC via Steam.

The game was shown after the airing of the first episode of the latest series in the franchise, Saint Seya: Soul of Gold, where the twelve Gold Saints from the original series have been revived and are looking for answers as to why they’ve returned and who is responsible for it. Today was the inaugural episode and will be distributed worldwide tomorrow via the Bandai Channel online.

The previous Saint Seya game was Brave Soldierswhich coincidentally is also the first game to be officially available in North America. That could give Soldiers’ Soul a better chance of being released outside of Japan. The last game was praised for being true to the show but criticized for weak enemy A.I. and being a bit shallow in the gameplay department. But let’s not kid ourselves, we all want to play and shout while kicking our friends’ butts when our Cosmo is filled. Right?

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments if you plan on saving Athena again.


Daniel Velázquez
Daniel fell in love with video games during the mid-eighties when The Legend of Zelda came into his life. Since then, gaming has been his constant. Now a bit older and somewhat wiser, he teaches psychology and studies the benefits of gaming in the digital and cardboard world.