Dissidia Arcade | Team Ninja

Good news for fans of Final Fantasy, at least if they live in Japan. Square Enix recently announced at a closed conference that Team Ninja is helping develop an arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy. According to Atsushi Morita, they are utilizing core aspects of the PS4’s technology to create the game. Which isn’t to say that we are necessarily going to see a PS4 release anytime soon, but it does raise the possibility, assuming fans rush to play it in arcades. However, if you are holding out hope for a PS4 release, learn patience, as they said they would wait at least a year before considering a console version.

According to Dengeki, the game itself looks to borrow stylistically from the crystal motif, though many aspects of the game are still subject to change. The first location test of the arcade will take place in at Tokyo, Sendai and Aichi prefecture April 17th to 19th, followed by another test at Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka prefecture later that month. I myself can only imagine that Team Ninja’s involvement will see much more fan service than we are used to in the series, including some undeniably busty versions of Final Fantasy babes. It could also make for a much more intuitive and action packed game than the previous Dissidia games on Vita, with hopefully better controls. But I won’t speculate further for now, only hoping we see an eventual console version in the future.


Josh Speer
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