Metal Gear Solid - Hideo Kojima | oprainfall

In what feels like the culmination of drama between legendary auteur game designer Hideo Kojima and developer Konami — including his departure from the highly-anticipated Silent Hills and Konami removing ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’ from the cover of Metal Gear Solid’s legacy collection box art — Kojima has reportedly been fired from Konami. These words come from voice actress Donna Burke. It’s unclear how privy Burke is to the inner workings of Konami, so this could simply be unsubstantiated rumors. However, it does fall into place with the friction Kojima has been having with Konami.

“It’s been out in the media for weeks, but it’s true,” Burke said of the situation on Twitter, “Don’t throw away the Kojima team’s work over the last five years because upper-management fired a genius.”

It’s hard to say what the future holds for either, or if the two will ever make peace, but, considering the power Kojima’s name holds, he probably will not remain unemployed for long.

Jerry Hrechka
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