OPERATION MADNESS: Swords Tournament – Round 2

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

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opMADNESS 2015 Swords Tournament - Round 1

One round of battle is in the books with many more fights to come. And as some of you might expect, there were very few surprises. All 10 swords from our top 10 from in 2013 made it into the second round, as did nearly all the top seeds. So, without further ado, we move onto the second round.


  • 1. Monado defeats 16. Akujiki 127-7
  • 8. Guilded Sword defeats 9. Althena Sword 100-31
  • 5. Gunblade defeats 12. Zankantou 97-31
  • 4. Valentine defeats 13. Daikatana 96-24
  • 6. Ragnall defeats 11. Altair’s Sword 119-12
  • 3. Beam Katana defeats 14. EXPcalibur 105-14
  • 7. Great Fairy’s Sword defeats 10. Blades of Chaos 92-35
  • 2. Keyblade defeats 15. Yamato 80-44

The God-slaying top seed made easy work of Akujiki. But now the road becomes tougher for the Monado as it faces it’s first test from the Zelda series with Majora’s Mask’s Guilded Sword.

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It’s hybrid versus hybrid as the half-sword, half sword Gunblade takes on the half-sword, half-whip Valentine. I’d love to see both continue but only one may remain.

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Fire Emblem Ragnell

Speaking of tough calls, one sword from our top 10 will be out in this next match. It’s the Beam Katana from No More Heroes versus Ragnell from Fire Emblem.

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Zelda collides with another big name in this tournament as the Great Fairy’s Sword faces the amazing Keyblade.

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  • 1. Master Sword defeats 16. Chaoseater 123-6
  • 9. Dual Blade defeats 8. Xenithian Sword 55-52
  • 5. Honedge defeats 12. Granasaber 85-41
  • 4. Ultima Weapon defeats 13. Vandal Hearts 104-19
  • 6. Muramasa defeats 11. Energy Sword 96-26
  • 3. Biggoron’s Sword defeats 14. Beloved Katana GEKKOU 101-20
  • 7. Masamune (FF7) defeats 10 Crissaegrim/Valmanway 84-32
  • 2. Soul Calibur defeats 15. Spirit Sword 79-25

The legendary Master Sword had just as resounding a victory as its chief rival. And it looks to keep that momentum in the second round against the Dual Blade from Lufia.

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Pokemon Honedge

The Pokemon Honedge did well in its first match. But now it must face one of the big boys in the Ultima Weapon, one of our top 10 swords.

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Muramasa did well against Halo’s Energy Sword. But now, this series of swords must find a way past the Zelda juggernaut as it faces Biggoron’s Sword.

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A clash of two classic titans rounds out the Hyrule Bracket as the Soul Calibur takes on Sephiroth’s blade, Masamune.

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  • 1. Masamune (CT) defeats 16. Dragon Sword 105-23
  • 9. Sword of Mana defeats 8. Razor Sword 64-56
  • 5. Sol Blade defeats 12. Soul Reaver 90-22
  • 4. 8-Bit Sword defeats 13. Desert Seeker 82-39
  • 6. Goddess Sword defeats 11. Rebellion 68-50
  • 3. Buster Sword defeats 14. Crystalis 94-17
  • 10. Eternal Sword defeats 7. Umbra Sword 101-17
  • 2. Falchion defeats 15. Black Knight Sword 115-9

It may have had the smallest percentage of the top 4 swords but Chrono Trigger’s Masamune still won convincingly without breaking a sweat. But for it to continue, it will need to defeat another one of our top 10 swords, the Sword of Mana.

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Next, it’s the battle between a sword from a beloved niche title and a throwback to a beloved classic: Sol Blade versus 8-Bit Sword.

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Cloud (FF7)

The Goddess Sword looked like it was on the ropes for a bit before taking out Dante’s Rebellion. Now it must muster the strength to defeat a giant in the Buster Sword.

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Both Eternal Sword and Falchion had large margins of victory. But both will now have a mountain to scale in order to make the Sharp 16.

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  • 1. Z-Saber defeats 16. Frostmourne 97-19
  • 9. Sword of Seals defeats 8. Sword of Aeons 104-14
  • 5. Material Blade defeats 12. Gehaburn 98-13
  • 4. Fierce Diety Sword defeats 13. Masamune Katana 103-16
  • 6. Vyse’s Cutlass defeats 11. Epitaph Blade 62-43
  • 3. Soul Edge defeats 14. Great Knife 85-14
  • 7. Exor defeats 10. Chaos Breaker 73-35
  • 2. Rainbow Sword defeats 15. High-Frequency Blade 66-45

Mega Man Zero

The sword of Zero made easy work of the powerful Warcraft blade. But it now faces a major test facing Roy’s quintessential blade, the Sword of Seals.

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The Fierce Deity Sword was one of our top swords in 2013. But it might have trouble staying in against one of the Tales of Symphonia swords, the Material Blade.

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Skies of Arcadia lives on as Vyse’s Cutlass survives for a second round. But it must now take down the classic sword, Soul Edge.

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And we finish off with two swords from SNES RPGs. In one corner, we have the Chrono Trigger sword Rainbow Sword. In the other, from Super Mario RPG, Exor.

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opMADNESS 2015 Swords Tournament - Round 2

Have fun with this one guys. Because from here on out, it’s going to be difficult.

And I promise that the next round will come around quicker.

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