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Resident Evil 0 | oprainfall gaming
Are you sure about that, game?

After years of promising my husband I would play more of the Resident Evil games, I’ve finally gotten around to Resident Evil 0. I’ve played both Resident Evil: Director’s Cut and Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation, but never went further than those two. When it comes to horror games, I am something of a reluctantly brave coward. I very much enjoy their atmosphere and their stories (or at least their lore, because let’s be real, RE stories are kinda bad), but they also scare the crap out of me. Silent Hill 2 still retains the distinction of making me cry in terror. That being said, I’m enjoying RE0 for its schlocky, D-movie storytelling and bonkers plot, as well as the protagonist switching gimmick. Some of its puzzles leave a lot to be desired, and I have had no end of frustration with item detection. The above pictured puzzle is a great example, because it took me ages to find the correct pixel to stand on before Billy was actually able to interact with the damn machine. I do not know if this was an issue with the original version of the game or if it’s just a remaster problem. The lack of storage means my foyer is absolutely littered with items I’ve picked up while exploring, but I also enjoy the inventory management aspect so it’s not as bad as it could have been. All in all I’m having a blast, though I’m sure that will change when I start the remakes and I go back to being terrified again. – Leah

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