Persona 3 - Yukari Figure | oprainfall

Scheduled to coincide alongside the next movie based on Persona 3, Vertex has put up orders of their Yukari Takeba scale figure. Announced quite some time ago, and later previewed at this year’s Wonder Festival, Yukari is set in 1/7 scale at around eight inches. Vertex’s blog claims that this Yukari is based on her appearance in Persona 3: Spring of Birth, but there isn’t much to separate that from the original game or any other designs she has.

I’m not too big on Persona 3, still needing to play the game later, but the few videos I have seen are solid, and Yukari’s design translates well. Her pose is nicely sculpted, with her wary pose, sideways glance and her windblown skirt effect adding a bit aesthetically, though her paint could use work. I find her face a little lifeless and not that detailed, but her uniform is fine enough.

Yukari can be pre-ordered from sites such as Hobbylink Japan, amiami, Hobbysearch and Big in Japan. She is scheduled to come out sometime in May later this year. You can check out more photos on Vertex’s blog


Arvind Radakrishnan
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