Tomohiko Deguchi

NISA’s Press Event 2016 gave us the opportunity to sit down and talk with the CEO of Monochrome Tomohiko Deguchi. After my obviously nervous introduction to Deguchi-San, we got to speak about the upcoming western release of his RPG Grand Kingdom. We also got to spend some hands-on time with the game and gave our impressions.

What is the general story premise behind Grand Kingdom?

The player becomes the captain of a mercenary squad, and they’ll lead around four units of a guild.

You directed the prior game in the series, Grand Knights History, that was exclusively released in Japan. What lessons have you learned from that game that you are now applying to directing Grand Kingdom?

In Grand Knights History, we were not able to focus on the RPG aspect, but now in Grand Kingdom, we were able to spend time with the RPG elements and create a game that players could enjoy.

What was Grand Kingdom‘s reception like in Japan when it was launched in November 2015?

A lot of players have commented on how good the battle system is. At first, it takes some time to get used to, but after, it’s incredibly addicting.

Are there any features or parts of the game that, looking back on it now, you wish you could go back and change or improve upon?

We really wanted to include more online features that open more ways of communication. Currently, it seems social media like Twitter and Facebook hosts most of the communication, so we tried to rely on that style without incorporating it into the game.

So how will players be able to interact online?

In Grand Knights History, there was a system where players would be able to interact via Twitter. Grand Kingdom has that same element but improved upon.


Will there be cross-save between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita?

So there is no cross-save, but you can play in the same online server between both version.

How can a player customize their own character in Grand Kingdom?

You can customize the character from the color of the skin, hair and costume. There are different styles of armor, weapons and voices that your character can have also.

Is it true that the game was written in America and translated in Japanese?

No, the game was written in Japanese first and then translated into English.

Will North America receive the extra story DLC that was released in Japan?

Yes, in Japan there were extra stories. All of those will be included with the game’s Western release.

Grand Knights History
Grand Knights History

Do you know if there are any current plans to re-attempt to localize Grand Knights History for North America and Europe?

XSEED still owns the localization rights. I haven’t heard if they are still going through with that.

Does your team get to look over the translated scripts for approval, in order to stay true to the tone of the game?

In order for the intonations and naming accents to be correct, NISA sends us the scripts to approve and implement into the game.

What are your plans for the future? What video game project are you looking to become involved in next?

Not only am I the Director of Grand Kingdom, but I am also the CEO of Monochrome. I created Monochrome in the first place to create games that I want to create from now on.

Do you plan to bring those games West?

[thumbs up] Yes!

One last question are you playing any games right now, other than your own?

Yes, Dragon Quest Builders.

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