The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 5 Select Screen

It’s official ladies and gentlemen: the 5th and final episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, No Going Back, will be coming soon. The final episode in the season is set to be released on Tuesday, August 26th, for digital download. This season has been great so far and I hope that this episode delivers us a great ending that will completely satisfy the audience.

I must warn you ahead of time that this trailer contains major spoilers not only from the second season, but also the first. If you are playing or plan on playing these games then do NOT watch this video. Otherwise, enjoy!

Dalton McClain
A gamer at heart, and a creator by trade. As a shy kid who grew up in a small town, my only solace was with the games that I enjoyed playing. That being said I enjoy just about every type of game, but more than anything I love playing horror/unique games. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the strange and unusual with the world.