In recent Anime news TOHO, along with other companies, have announced they are creating an anime based on the town of Sabae located in Fukui prefecture near the western coast of Japan. Whilst the anime is yet to get an official name it has been reported it will be an anime based on the adolescent life of high school boys in rural Sabae, focusing on themes of friendship and life. It is also a coming-of-age anime and focuses on the issues and situations associated with coming-of-age themes. The fact that Sabae has a population of approximately 68,703 makes it an ideal countryside town for the show, but that is just part of it.

Sabae is in fact very well renowned in Japan for its eye wear. So much so it is in fact internationally renowned for its glasses. The anime will embrace this and other key highlights of the city by incorporating glasses, Nishiyama park and its cuisine into the show. Six of the staff members recently went to the Sabae markets to check out what the city has to offer as seen below.
The fukui-shinbun or Fukui newspaper reported that many anime fans visited the neighboring city Kanzawa in Ishikawa prefecture after the television series Hana-Sake Iroha, implying that tourism is likely to increase in Fukui prefecture and Sabae itself due to fans of the anime.
This is a big move for TOHO, who previously only would release anime in theaters as movies. TOHO has been reported to have started work on the anime which is due for release in October this year. Anime fans can look forward to this one, especially if the glasses type is what you like. Having lived in Fukui prefecture myself, I am looking forward to seeing how Sabae is portrayed as well as looking forward to the actual anime itself. Not many anime focus on the rural country and adolescent life. Stay tuned for new info and hopefully a trailer!
Jodie Langford
Jodie joined the Oprainfall Staff as a translator during the winter of 2012. If you see an article on the website with an entirely Japanese source, odds are she’s had a hand in bringing the information to you! She enjoys most RPGs, especially Monster Hunter and Pokemon.