Final Fantasy V

Square Enix announced the release of their beloved classic Final Fantasy V on the Amazon Appstore today. Previously available on the App Store and Google Play Store, it can now be played on both Kindle Fire and Android devices.

Final Fantasy V was the first game in the series to sell over 2 million copies and has been reworked to allow players to enjoy the game on touch screen devices. The port takes features from the Game Boy Advance version of the game, including a new job and ability system and more detailed, expressive 2D sprites. You can pick up Final Fantasy V right now off the Appstore for $15.99 and relive the epic adventure of four heroes bound together by fate.

What do you all think though? Do you think you’ll be picking this up? If so, will this be your first time, or will you be reliving the adventure? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE: Press Release

Colin Malone
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