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Tequila Works released a trailer for their upcoming game, RiME, back at Gamescom. Turns out, the trailer did more than just show some beautiful vistas out of the game. It highlighted a number of TW’s intentions. Instead of us having to comb through their trailer and divine these intentions ourselves, they did it for us. Here are some highlights and the trailer for those who haven’t seen it.

Are you all caught up? Lets get started.


RiME - The Boy

Meet the kid that you’ll be playing throughout RiME. He’s stranded on this island, but he doesn’t know why. Not a good combination.

RiME - Helpful Fauna

Throughout the trailer, the boy meets up with the fauna of this seemingly deserted island. They’re not just window dressing. They’re strategically placed to get your attention to something important like that odd keyhole symbol just lying about on the beach.

RiME - Boar

Not all animals will be helpful though. That boar has friends, and not all of them are going to run away from him.

RiME - Tower

That tower sticks out like a sore thumb on this island. In video game parlance, that’s like a giant flashing neon sign that says “COME HERE” in nice big, fireball fuchsia lettering. And yet it’s not the endgame. TW says that you’ll get to the tower pretty early in the game.

RiME - Shadows

Every gaming instinct in our body tells us that these shadows are the enemies of the game. That’s something the player will have to unlearn. “There’s no good or evil in this game,” says TW. “So don’t look at it in terms of black and white.” Whatever they are, they certainly seem ominous.

RiME - Crumbling Statues

Just about everyone who knows something about Greek mythology knows the telltale signs of Medusa or monsters like it. Once again, TW dispels that notion. Instead, they said that these statues were probably built by someone who was here before the kid showed up.

RiME - Hidden Secrets

TW encourages players to explore the island and “behave like a child.” They want us to tinker with everything on the island and assure that there is no ”big red button that destroys the island.” If we do, we might just learn the secrets of this island.

These are just some of TW’s breakdown of their trailer. They have something to say with just about every sequence shown in the trailer in their post. Have a look.

RiME is being published by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe for the PS4. No release date has been announced.


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