necropolis | necropolis

Bandai Namco has released some new screenshots of their upcoming rogue-like action game Necropolis, coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

The company writes this about the game:

NECROPOLIS blends timing-based third-person action with procedurally generated environments, monsters, and treasure. Those elements, married with the game’s striking minimalist art style, sardonic tone, and permadeath gameplay combine for an addictive and original “just one more time” experience.

In NECROPOLIS, players assume the role of a nameless adventurer attempting to escape a living, magical dungeon that reconstructs itself on each playthrough. Craft, equip, explore, and fight to stay alive against all manner of fearsome threats in the twisting labyrinth and endless chasms of this diabolical death dungeon.

Luckily, players don’t need to take on NECROPOLIS alone. Players can bring up to 3 friends along for intense co-op play but be warned: your weapons and magic affect everyone, friend or foe! And although death is still assured, every playthrough will improve your combat skills, magical upgrades, and good old dungeon know-how as they inch closer and closer to the final exit.

You can check out the new assets below:

necropolis | necropolis

necropolis | necropolis

Necroplis will be playable at Bandai Namco’s E3 meeting room.

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