Lara Croft Go

During today’s press conference, Square Enix Montreal announced that they were working on a turn-based plaformer related to the Tomb Raider franchise. Called Lara Croft Go, it appears as though players will be able to control a version of Lara that harkens back to the early days of the series in terms of her visual design and the focus on exploring long lost civilizations nestled deep in remote, exotic locales. The art direction is vivid and evokes a whimsical style strongly rooted in indie sensibilities with its isometric perspective and colorful presentation.

Square Enix Montreal has already shown they’re capable of quality work in the mobile scene, given their efforts on the excellent Hitman Go that was released in 2014.  If the footage is any indication, this game will be heavy on puzzle solving as you help Lara make her way through these subterranean ruins, but there’s also the possibility of action elements as the footage ends with…well, just take a look for yourself and see.

Lara Croft Go will be available for Apple and Android devices but no release date has been announced yet.

Tom Tolios
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